It happened to me today. In a perfect moment of animated suspension I felt it, not just felt, but overwhelmed by it.

Once and awhile, when I am lucky enough to be unconditionally in the present moment, void of worry, struggle, and sitting the knotted tangles of my life it appears.


One could call it bliss, joy, or happiness and all of those descriptions would be true, but there is something more, something….

It comes without warning, or encouragement from my surroundings. It doesn’t require exciting news or good fortune to emerge from within me, and all around me at the same time.

And the tears stream down my face as the warmth from the sunshine cakes the slightly salty path down my cheeks. I can feel the energetic exchange happening between my body, like there is no line in the sand between me and ….everything.

I inhale it deep enough to feel it in my toes, and it fills my heart. I open my eyes and see this life in pure gratitude.

And I plant the seed of hope that, in this life, there are so many more moments.

Just like this.


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