Health is more than the Absence of Disease

At some point our thinking has shifted. When defining “health” I think of the body living in a state of optimal efficiency, with the strength to repulse illness, and living energetically in harmony. It’s becoming a scary universal belief that simply living with the absence of disease is the picture of health. When did we settle? When did we give up that amazing feeling of “being alive” and accept just living, or worse surviving? We have lowered the health bar to meeting the requirement of living disease free, which leaves a pretty big void. Our health care industry (and remember it’s a profit generating big business) really thrives on disease, take a moment and think about how many commercials focus and curing disease (at the risks of sometimes even larger ailments) and how many they put out to prevent these same diseases. Even if our family is predisposed to cancer, this does not mean we have to resign ourselves to the same eventual fate. It has been proven that a diet full of whole foods, natural foods without chemicals and as close to their natural state as possible, while reducing meat, because the higher we eat within the food chain, the higher the amount of toxins that accompany it (and when choosing meat, really go for quality, the absolute best you can afford). The phytonutrients in plants stimulate and regulate our health, and we really need to get our Omega 3s. Type 2 diabetes is reversible with food alone, so why are we not guided to see the light? Unfortunately medical personnel just do not get the training required to adequately “prescribe” a healthier way of eating. There are many, many pharmaceutical salesmen out there knocking door to doctors’ door, but there is just not enough interest, or money to market nutrition against the deep pockets of the drug companies. Almost half our nation is taking at least one prescription, and one-third of us are taking two or more daily, and not enough of us put our faith in food and our bodies’ amazing ability to heal itself. There is more to being well than simply the absence of illness. We all have heard that prolonged stress can manifest physically in our bodies, but so can anger, hatred, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, jealousy, and all negative emotions that when held instead of releasing will build a hospitable environment for inflammation and disease. At our fundamental core, we need love, we need to be connected and we need to be happy to thrive. I hear in the Philippines, people with nothing are always smiling, and in fact, there are malls that play loud happy music once or twice a day, and everyone in the mall stops what they are doing and begin to dance, and sing and release the pent-up energy …they let it all go. A very powerful energetic cleanser is Pranayama, also known as breathing techniques. Even the simple act of finding a quiet space and focusing on your breathing while letting your mind calm is extremely powerful for eliminating stress, and any unrest in the body as well as creating alignment in the energy centers. It is time to question what growing old looks like because old is not synonymous with sickness, and it is time to really scrutinize this belief that our fate is completely hereditary, with no input from our choices and decisions. Health is happiness; health is living is a harmonious state. This life is ours to live, and why not make it our best life? It is never too late to be healthy.